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I'm a pākeha based in Otepoti, New Zealand. I'm Head of Customer Experience at CloudCannon. A Parent. A Cat owner. An elderly footballer. Intermittent noise maker and collector of records. Formally, a business owner, academic, radio host, Tāmaki Makaurau citizen and other forgotten things.​​​​​Hit the social media links in the footer for more 👇🏻

Why Ānaru?

At my previous role we celebrated Te Wiki o te Reo Māori every year. As part of this activity we took it a step further and referred to each other by the Māori translation of our names. I loved it so much and felt it a genuine honour to be called Ānaru everyday (Anndroo 😬) particularly by my Māori colleagues. As a result I sought permission to use Ānaru as a domain name so that I could communicate from the only motu this name exists – Aotearoa – and identify more strongly as pākeha.


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