Minimalist website about me


I'm using this small website to better understand the full potential of the CloudCannon Git-based content management system (CMS). Since I work there it's sensible thing to do and it's fun! The site is built using the speedy 11ty static site generator (SSG) based on an elegant minimalism theme by Marco Micale. It has been reconfigured for CloudCannon for visual editing and favours SSG chaining.

The aim of the site is to be minimal, elegant and performant. I'm not a developer as such but it's primarily built through the CloudCannon UI with local dev used when required. If you're interested, here's the repo.



Some challenges

Adapting this template as been difficult at times and a real learning experience. Consequently I've been able to learn how powerful CloudCannon, Git and 11ty are.

Here's some hurdles I've had to overcome: